The Hidden Job Market

If you are not getting results from your job search efforts, it’s time to increase the time you spend identifying unadvertised jobs. It is not just what you know or even who you know but who knows what you know that can turn your search around.

You have to offer prospective hiring authorities what they need and want, when they need it. That is why it is important to stay on an employer’s radar so that when changes create new opportunities, you will hear about them. Many individuals hired today have connected with their new employer through networking relationships.

Strategy One: Identify Target Companies
Take time to conduct research to identify companies who offer the type of opportunities you are seeking. Conduct extensive research on these companies and read the Press and Media for current information.

Strategy Two: Initiate Contact with Hiring Authorities
If possible, obtain an introduction through a mutual contact such as a company insider, former or current employee, consultant etc. 

Strategy Three: Create Your Value Proposition
Focus your conversation on the WIIFM (what’s in it for me) of the person you have targeted. Display your hard work ethic, expertise and core values to earn trust. When a need or problem surfaces you want to position yourself as the possible solution.

Strategy Four: Follow Up
Encourage interaction beyond the first contact to establish trust. Send relevant information and share ideas to stay on the decision-maker’s radar. Promote a mutually beneficial relationship where both of you make an effort to remain helpful.

These strategies will help you uncover hidden job leads when you are actively seeking a new job. Throughout your career, you want to position yourself so employers and recruiters find you for the job opportunities they are attempting to fill.

Develop your personal brand through your social networking sites, industry and professional association participation, writing relevant articles and blog posts and develop a personal website. Your ability to tap in to the hidden job market throughout your career will greatly enhance the level of success you achieve.