Owning and Managing People Isn’t Enough, Making Impact Matters

As a manager, you combine many titles into one; you are a manager of people and resources. In reality, it appears easy to do right? Anyone can become the boss but not anyone has what it takes to be the boss that get results and at the same time is making impacts. You might think ensuring profitability in the organization is the beginning and end of your job description, it’s much more. You can be dreaming of success as a manager or business owner; it won’t happen until you know what it takes to make an impact.

In the workplace, there’s a lot at stakes for you as the superior officer. Whatever happens in the end, you are entirely responsible. This is why you need to learn how to handle unproductivity in your organization. You must be abreast of the right strategies to employ in motivating your employees. It’s even saddening that many managers do not know the weight their actions and words carry. Which is why it is essential to know what you shouldn’t utter in the workplace.

Over the coming months, I will share with you results of a National Survey highlighting what traits and/or actions by managers tend to have the highest retention levels among their subordinates.  In the series, you’ll be made conscious of what you’ve either been doing wrong, or you’ve neglected. In essence, what you need to put in place to achieve your organizational goals.