Let Timing Work “For You” In Your Job Search

Timing can make or break your job search. If your resume | CV just happens to get in the hands of the right hiring authority at the right time, it may result in an interview or an eventual a job-offer. There is more rejection in a job search than acceptance. However, when you hear the word “no”, realize they may be saying “not now.” The following are strategies you can implement to put timing on your side:

  1. When you submit your resume | CV online – simultaneously send one by mail addressed to the individual who would be your bosses’ boss
  2. Proactively send resumes | CV’s to hiring authorities who are not advertising. Often this person may have a person on their team they would like to upgrade, and your resume could entice them to move ahead with replacing this person.
  3. Set up Google Alerts on your company targets, so you can anticipate their needs in advance and submit your resume early in the hiring process.
  4. Set up a consistent follow up process with your professional and personal networks. They need to know you are actively conducting your search.
  5. Do things at times when you will run into people who are working i.e. grocery shopping, getting your mail, etc.
  6. It may be time to consider a holiday or part-time job to get back in to the workforce where you will hear about other available jobs.
  7. Volunteer your services to enhance your skills and resume.
  8. Consider working contract or temp to update your current experience on your resume or CV.
  9. Follow up with hiring authorities when you are not hired. Often these hiring authorities will have other positions available that may fit your credentials.
  10. If you are not hired, follow up showing your high level of interest in working for their company and confidence in your ability to do the job. In this competitive job market, the person hired often accepts a counter-offer, turns down the job or accepts another offer. You want to be the candidate that is the strongest back up candidate that is considered.

Implement these techniques and timing will be on YOUR side!