Seven Tips to Stay Motivated Throughout Your Job Search

There may be times during your job search that it takes effort just to get out of bed. If you’ve never been in sales, the roller coaster of highs and lows in a job search can be extremely frustrating. The challenge is how to stay motivated every day.

  1. Control How You React - You can’t control the economy, job market or results of your job search. You do however have 100% control over how you choose to react – which is empowering during your job search. No one can upset or frustrate you, unless you give them permission. Throughout your job search there will be times when the best decision is to choose not to react. Try to develop the attitude, “So what, now what – next!”
  2. Set and Attain Minimum Daily Standards - When you set and achieve minimum standards, you will feel a daily sense of achievement. This consistency of activity will improve the results you achieve throughout your job search.
  3. Embrace New Techniques - Take time to complete the fifteen-step process in our Career Portal under the three phases of a job search which includes: Plan – Search & Connect – Interview. This process will reveal techniques successfully implemented by professional recruiters. These new techniques will give you a competitive edge over other job seekers.
  4. Spend Less Time on Your Computer Get Out of Your House - Spend less than 20% of your time responding to job boards or website posting. Join a job club to increase your professional network and gain from the experience of others. Other job seekers will provide you with honest feedback and often leads.
  5. Participate in Hobbies, Sports, Volunteering or Exercise - You need to nurture yourself while you are unemployed. Exercise will help keep your mind sharp and body healthy. Hobbies bring joy and provide to you with a sense of satisfaction. Helping others through volunteering can improve your self-esteem, enhance your networking efforts and will help you stay motivated in your job search. It can also serve as a welcomed break from your job search.
  6. Identify an Accountability Partner or Mentor - During your job search, you often feel alone which can negatively impact your motivation. Having an accountability partner or mentor can help keep you motivated and on track.
  7. Consider Yourself Self-Employed vs. Unemployed - If you have an area of expertise, consider working as a consultant. If possible, accept a part-time job, work as a contractor or accept temporary work. Consider accepting work in an entirely new career or industry. If you have a college degree, consider substitute teaching. 

Follow these seven steps and you will continue to be motivated throughout your search.