Seven Likely Reasons You're Not Landing Interviews

Your focus as a job seeker should be to schedule interviews with hiring authorities. If you’re not interviewing, you have no chance of obtaining a job offer. Let’s review seven possible reasons why you’re not landing interviews.

  1. YOU MAY BE RELYING TOO MUCH ON JOB BOARDS - This is where you have the highest level of competition and lowest rate of return on your efforts.

  2. YOUR RESUME/CV - Your resume is responsibility focused vs. listing your accomplishments and the impact they had.

  3. YOUR RESUME/CV - You listed a Job Objective vs. a keyword rich Career Summary on your resume/CV.

  4. LACK OF NETWORKING - It is important to add to your professional and personal network daily.

  5. NO INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEWS - Informational Interviews often result in job leads or interviews.

  6. YOU DON’T OVERCOME OBJECTIONS - View objections as a request for more information or a buying sign.

  7. YOUR APPLY FOR JOBS LOWER OR HIGHER THAN YOUR MARKETABILITY - Apply for jobs that are in your salary range and level of expertise.

Resolve these issues and you will land more job interviews!