What does “not a fit” mean?

I’m so tired of hearing that I’m “not a fit.” What does that even mean? This feedback does not help me know what to change on my resume, during my interview or even during my follow up process!

This is a very common complaint from individuals conducting a search in today’s very competitive job market. Employers have learned if they tell you that you are not a fit, that is not something you can attempt to overcome.

They have shared that they are tired of arguing with people they don’t hire. When they give them a specific reason why they were screened out, most job seekers become very defensive, disagree with the hiring authority and basically tell them that they are wrong.

As a result, hiring authorities are simply saying “You’re not a fit.” The best thing you could do is ask how you could improve your interviewing, in the future. “I’m disappointed that I did not get your job but would really appreciate your advice. What could I do differently in the way I’m presenting myself or during my job interview?” When you ask someone for advice, they are not put on the defensive and will often give you great advice.