Appreciating Employees, Here’s An Idea.

There’s a secret weapon to keeping employees from leaving your firm too often. All that is needed is to recognize your employees meaningfully.

Imagine saying this to your in-house graphics designers; “Ben, your last set of info graphics are game-changers. I can see how much hard work, time, and energy you invested, you are appreciated!”

Trust Ben to up his game on the next task assigned. We are not talking about the once in a year or a blue moon kind of appreciation, a regular and consistent words and acts of gratitude is deemed sufficient. Don’t get this wrong, it’s not supposed to be a daily gesture, but if you cannot make it monthly, then quarterly appreciation is necessary.

As humans, we look forward to immediate gratification. Immediately you notice the hard work and effort being invested into a task by an employee, shower them with appreciation.

Now, don’t just deliver a generic “Thank you, Ben” after the task. Single out a specific task and acknowledge the employee.

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