Are You Coaching Your References?

Coach Individuals Who Provide References and Recommendations

When you provide references or accept recommendations, you could be hurting your ability to obtain a job offer. For this reason, it is wise to coach anyone who offers to provide a recommendation or reference.

Recommendations on LinkedIn list the most recent recommendation first. Hiring authorities read your recommendations first or second when they review your profile. Only accept recommendations that highlight your most marketable skills and experience.

The individuals providing a reference for you can often hurt your chances of getting a job offer, while they are attempting to help you. This happens when someone giving you a reference stresses the expertise and talents you have that won’t be used in the job you are targeting.

It is for that reason, that you never want to provide references unless they are requested. Once they are requested, take time to contact your references and share the specifications of your targeted job. This will help them know what to emphasize from your experience during their recommendations and which skills they should highlight. This will help your chances of landing your next job.