How To Build A Team That Achieves

You put heads together, listen to everybody’s ideas and arrive at a solution that reflects the members’ contribution. This is teamwork, which is quite different from group work. As a team manager, there are certain important strategies you need to focus on if you want to build a team of achievers.

A team, just like a building, needs a solid foundation to be able to weather any condition. Build your team on important values and principles such as trust, mutual respect, and loyalty. Always have in mind that these principles are not a one-way street or something you demand from others but cannot give. You must reciprocate.

Set goals and have an expectation for your team. Clearly communicate to your members what you wish to achieve in the team and define what each member should do. Collaborate with and be open to suggestion from your team members. Be clear and firm when giving instructions without sounding like a dictator.

Motivate your members through reward, which encourages healthy competition. Award high performers and encourage collaboration. A simple ‘thank you’ with a smile can boost an individual’s morale.